Attendee Pre-Registration & On-Site Details

Please read below for details regarding purchasing a badge (the wearable ticket for the event).  Please note that due to our ticketing system, there will be fees applied to your purchase.  Thank you!


Pre-Registration Pricing

(Available May 11, 2020 - Oct. 31, 2020)

Weekend Pass - $20

Get a great discount on a 2-day pass by pre-registering for Gateway Comic Con.  Normally $15 a day or $25 for two days at the door, this pass grants you access to the event at a great rate!  Click below to get started, as well as learn about additional pre-registration deals, including group & family options.


Special Registration Rates (Starting May 11, 2020)

For family or group trips, we have a special chaperone option available all year for $10 for parents and guardians ages 30 and over who are buying a pass for anyone under the age of 18.  Child passes can be purchased at $5 each (ages 12 and under).  These specially priced badges are not able to have additional discounts applied to them, such as with coupons.  Large school groups, clubs, or other groups are welcome to send an e-mail to if a larger quantity is needed or if you have other questions.


Additional Details


In order to speed-up the pre-registration process, both before and at the event, we will only be offering weekend badges for pre-registration.  One day badges will be offered during the at-door sales period only.


Gateway Comic Con does not mail out badges ahead of time. All badges will be available for pick-up at the registration table starting Saturday, November 14th at 9 a.m. at the Gateway Center.  At-door badges can be purchased at the registration booth at that time as well.

Thanks to Eventbrite, attendees only need to bring their Eventbrite ticket to claim their badge, either printed or on their mobile device.


To pay for the quality system Eventbrite provides, there will be a small fee with each badge bought.  Your total with these additions will be shown within Eventbrite, and will be dependent on the type of passes bought.


Pre-registration badges cannot be refunded, except in the case of event cancellation.  No refunds will be given at or after the event.


What does revenue from badge sales go towards?

Everything.  From paying for the venue to helping bring in guests and entertainment, we rely on our attendees to help create this event and keep it running.  Any extra goes right back into our convention and mini-events so that we can continue to keep them running at a great quality.

Is this event appropriate for all ages?

Yup!  We may have programming in the evening hours that will be more for mature audiences, but otherwise we do our best to have programming and activities for younger fans of comics and shows.  Be advised that some vendors and artists may display products that will be more PG or PG13 and there may be costumes from content that is also that way.

Can I just drop off my kids and not supervise them?

Nope, we heavily advise against that.  Events like these should be treated like large, public festivals or trade shows, not a day care.  Our staff and volunteers will be busy keeping the event running, and are not able to keep watch over others.  We also provide a great discount for kids and parents so that they can attend the show together, and we greatly encourage parents & guardians to get involved so they can learn what their kids enjoy.

Can I come in costume?

Of course!  Just be sure to check our rules section for what is and isn't allowed.

Can I take pictures?

Also of course!  However, photography and cosplay culture has changed over the years.  Candid photos, especially from afar or when done by a stranger, are discouraged these days.  It's always best to ask for permission to take someone's picture and to not make the subject feel uncomfortable.  Remember, cosplay is not consent!  Please respect anyone who doesn't wish to have their photo taken.

Can you bring in (insert guest name here)?

Potentially, and as the years go by and our event grows, we'll have the ability to bring in more folks.  However, we ask that no one ask someone to come on behalf of our event.  That's our job.  If there's anyone you'd wish to see come to our show, just shoot us an e-mail or social media message.  We're always happy to hear suggestions, and the more requests means the greater likelihood of an invite going out!